December 2013

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When an Israeli company nears the sales stage, the debate whether it is time to hire an American CEO almost always begins. A man who knows the target market, has more experience in sales (very [...]

October 2013

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Dr. Robert Barrack in the Charnley Lecture at 2013 BOA Annual Congress: “It is the First Time That the US Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prevention Guidelines Have Been Modified for the Interest of the Orthopedic [...]

September 2013

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You can now follow us on Twitter for the most recent updates on DVT prevention in orthopedic surgery. MCS presents a new video for orthopedic surgeons.

August 2013

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MCS presents a new video for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. Follow MCS on LinkedIn for the most recent company news and updates!

March 2013

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"In View" with Larry King showcasing ActiveCare® therapy. ActiveCare® - alternative to anticoagulants for Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention during or after Total Joint Replacement (TJR), Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery. For [...]