MCS is working on developing  new breakthrough applications to be added to the ActiveCare® line.

The ActiveCast™
Bone fracture of the lower extremity is associated with post-traumatic pain and edema, impaired venous function, high risk for DVT and substantial risk for delayed healing and prolonged rehabilitation. The development of this new device has the potential to turn the standard stabilizing cast, which is a passive device, into an active system that will reduce posttraumatic edema and DVT and will enhance fracture healing and patient rehabilitation.

The ActiveCare® Vascular™ 
This device is targeted at the outpatient wound care market. Chronic leg ulcers are estimated to affect about two percent of the western population. Venous ulcers are the leading cause of leg ulceration (75-90%).
Chronic wounds exhibit an imbalance between tissue deposition stimulated by GFs and tissue destruction mediated mainly by MMPs. It was found that the normal balance between these two activities is impaired in NO deficiency, and that mechanical devices can reverse the imbalance, mainly by increasing the NO and GF synthesis. The treatment was found to be effective in venous, arterial, diabetic and mixed type wounds. Sporadic case studies, in which the ActiveCare® Vasculardevice was used, revealed encouraging results.