DVT Prevention in Joint Arthroplasties: Continuous Enhanced Circulation Therapy vs. Low Molecular Weight Heparin

Y. Gelfer, H. Tavor, A. Or on, A. Peer, N. Halperin, D. Robinson.
The Journal of Arthroplasty, February 2006; 21(2): 206-214

Main results:

Efficacy: The C.E.C.T protocol was significantly more effective than enoxaparin in reducing DVT
Safety: Safety profiles were similar in both groups

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What did the study compare?
The study compared the effectiveness of theActiveCare® Therapy with or without Aspirin versus Lovenox®   in  DVT prevention in patients undergoing total knee or total hip replacement surgeries.

How was the study designed?

121 patients participated in this study. 61 randomly chosen patients received  ActiveCare® Therapy and other  60 patients received Lovenox® .

How were the results tested?
5-8 days after the surgery patients had bilateral venography to detect DVT. Any symptomatic DVT events were collected for up to 90 days postoperatively.


The patients in  ActiveCare® therapy  had significantly less DVT than those on Lovenox®.

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