How it Works

ActiveCare® Therapy for DVT Prevention

ActiveCare® is a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of blood clot formation and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) by reducing blood clot formation without the use of medications that are associated with an increased risk of bleeding during and after major orthopedic surgery.

How Does ActiveCare®  Work?
ActiveCare®  works by gently applying compression to your legs, increasing the postop  speed of blood flow in the veins according to the normal respiration and reducing the risk of clot formation. Its portable size, lightweight mobility and ease of use, provide continuous 24-hour protection for the most safe and effective way to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis during and after major orthopedic surgeries (such as total hip replacement, total knee replacement, total ankle replacement and total hip fracture).

Read ActiveCare® Patient Instruction for Use to learn how it works and how to operate the device.
You can also watch this demonstration video to see how to use ActiveCare® and to learn more about how ActiveCare® works:

ActiveCare®  allows you to be fully mobile
ActiveCare®  is lightweight, portable and comfortable to wear. It is powered by a rechargeable battery so that you can disconnect the device from the mains supply for up to 6 hours, allowing you to quietly and comfortably move while wearing the device for extended periods of time.  You can take the device with you wherever you go:  walk around, sit outside, and even travel. In fact, you will be free to do most normal activities without restriction.

For maximum prevention of DVT, ActiveCare®  should be used at least 20 hours per day throughout your prescribed treatment period.  You should also carefully follow your health care provider’s instructions.

Watch these videos to see how ActiveCare®  helps prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis during and after major orthopedic surgery.

To learn more about how to wear the device, how to charge the batteries and more
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