DVT Prophylaxis in TJA

CUT THE RISK – Solve the DVT/Major Bleeding Dilemma

ActiveCare® –  Clinically Proven Monotherapy for DVT prevention with no Major Bleeding.

Watch this video to learn why ActiveCare® is your proven alternative to anticoagulants for DVT Prophylaxis during and after TJA and why it can give you peace of mind.



ActiveCare® Therapy is a safe DVT Prophylaxis during and after TJA. It is currently used in more than 80 surgical centers across the country daily.

ActiveCare® is the only system that fully meets the ACCP 2012 Guidelines as standalone therapy without the need of drugs to prevent  DVT  after total joint replacement for the whole duration of prophylaxis, from hospital to home.


ActiveCare® vs. Anticoagulants:


ActiveCare® is proven to be non inferior to anticoagulants in DVT prophylaxis

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