Return Process

If you have a defective ActiveCare+SFT device, please refer to the troubleshooting below, or consult the full Routine Checkup or troubleshooting the operation and service manual:

  • Device fails to turn on, or “keep restarting” – Turn the device off and allow the battery to recharge for at least 30 minutes before turning it on again, while still plug to the wall outlet.
  • Airway obstruction or air leakage – If reconnecting the sleeve doesn’t solve the problem; cross the connection of the tubes to the device (connect the extension tubes that was connected to the right port – to the left port, and vice versa). Check if the location of the arrow on the screen was changed. If yes, the problem is with the sleeves or the tubes. If the arrow points the same port, the problem is with the device.
  • Low or empty battery – charge the device overnight, or till the message “Charging Completed Device is OFF “appears. It is recommended to operate the device by battery for at least 2 hours to ensure sufficient battery lifetime. If changing the battery, fully charge the new battery in the device.

If the problem was not resolved, in order to return a defective MCS device or product, please refer to the Return Process steps below:

  1. Complete and submit the MCS Product Experience Form (PEF) per device by using one of these two options:
    • Click on this link to open an automatic form that will be sent directly to MCS
    • Fill out this Word file and send it to
  2. Based on the submitted PEF: MCS will issue a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number and specific shipping instructions. An authorization to ship the product via FEDEX Domestic will be provided with an account number.
  3. A replacement product will be shipped after the customer will inform about Tracking Information for the returned goods.