December 2010

December 12th, 2010|Comments Off on December 2010

According to Adi Dagan, MCS’s CEO: “The use of the company’s device by America’s number one orthopedic hospital, HSS, is the jewel in the crown that has been added to the leading medical centers already using ActiveCare®+S.F.T.” [...]

June 2010

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MCS Expands into South Korea MCS Wins another Minnesota Medical Center in May

April 2010

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Approximately 2,000 relevant medical procedures are performed annually at these medical centers, and MCS expects its penetration rate to reach about 20% in the first year. MCS Continues to Expand its Reach in the US [...]

March 2010

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MCS is attending the AAOS 2010 Annual Meeting, March 9-13, New Orleans, LA. Booth #437 MCS appoints former VP at Sanofi Aventis as the President of its US subsidiary Landmark Head-to-Head S.A.F.E. Study Comparing ActiveCare®+S.F.T. [...]

February 2010

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MCS is attending the AAOS 2011 Annual Meeting, Feb. 15-19, in San Diego, CA. Booth #5745

January 2010

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Four Additional Major US Medical Centers Select ActiveCare®+S.F.T.