DVT Prophylaxis in TJA

CUT THE RISK – Solve the DVT/Major Bleeding Dilemma

ActiveCare® –   Effective and safe DVT prevention without the risk of bleeding complications.

It is an non pharmaceutical mechanical device designed to determine the venous phasic flow of each patient and synchronize the compressions to the patient’s individual flow pattern. ActiveCare® is small and portable, and has an LCD screen that provides feedback on compliance.

ActiveCare® Clinical Performance:

  • ActiveCare®  is currently used in more than 80 surgical centers across the country daily.
  • With over 100,000 patients so far ActiveCare® has gained impressive clinical outcomes.
  • ActiveCare® fully meets the ACCP 2012 Guidelines to prevent  DVT  after Total Joint Replacement for the whole duration of prophylaxis, from hospital to home:  it is the first time in over twenty years  in which ACCP added IPCDs as a valid alternative for DVT prevention for high risk orthopedic patients. The committee provided specification of the recommended IPC ”we recommend the use of only portable battery operated IPCDs capable of recording and reporting proper wear time on a daily basis for inpatient and outpatient”. ActiveCare® fully meets this recommendation.
  • ActiveCare® ‘s clinical studies were published at top journals as JBJS and provide evidence for  effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness DVT prevention treatment. Click here to learn more on ActiveCare® Clinical Studies >>>

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